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Jailaa West @JailaaWest

Jailaa West grew up on the southside of Chicago. She fell hard for romance books in junior high school when she got her first book boyfriend. Aww, she remembers it like it was yesterday. That first kiss. When he swore his undying love. When they married in the epilogue. When it ended. Say what now? She quickly found another book boyfriend and then another and yet another. She’s been book-in-love quite a few times now and she enjoys it as much as the first time.


Home of Sweet Steamy Interracial Romance.

Spend a few hours with the Alpha Heroes of Jailaa West’s Books

No matter the genre - Contemporary, Paranormal or Alien

These Men Love their Women with a Strong Hand and a Fierce Protectiveness.

Their Women love them back with Open Hearts that teach them the power of Forgiveness and Trust.


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