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Gina S. Surgeon of Positive Face @ThePositiveFACE

About Gina S. Surgeon

Positive FACE

We are an organization of professionals from various disciplines dedicated to the success of at-promise children.

Our programs offer Social, Emotional, and Academic Development activities the skills, mentoring, and educational backup support to encourage independent and sustainable adult lives. With support and guidance, positive foster and at-risk children can excel.

Just for Youth

When Club KLA did Vision Boards, they did them as a team. Not only did they identify what they wanted in their own future, but helping Club mates find things that would be good for their life goals as well. New friendships, new standards of responsibility and new levels of accountability for each other. - Video 1 -


Gina’s Words to Live By:

Psalm 37:24-26

“If I didn't define myself for myself, I would be crunched into other people's fantasies for me and eaten alive.” ~Audre Lorde

Never Say Die - The Positive Face Story

Each year thousands of American children survive abuse. Many of them aren't so fortunate. Author Gina Surgeon shares her story of a childhood journey that included kinship, foster care, adoption, and finally as a teen runaway. In spite of surviving physical, mental, emotional, and sexual abuse before and after adoption, she is proud to tell a story of victory and joy. Learn her techniques to live a positive life and the road to an organization to help other across that bridge to happiness.

Lift, Live, Love: Poems of Life

Poetry to uplift your spirit, relate to the moments of your life and celebrate the wonders of love.

What the #%@$ Is She Taking About?: Translate the words coming out of her mouth (The Little Black Book Collection)

Women speak, men have no idea what they are talking about. This is one of the oldest issues to challenge male-female interactions from initial meetings to century-old relationships. "What the #%@$ Is She Taking About?" is a light-hearted translation guide from the voice of a woman to help men get through sticky conversations and situations.

Webzy Adventures: The Wonderful Wacky World of Webzy

Sherry Plumber is a unique girl. Her style, her smarts, and her interests special. Her nickname, Webzy, is the best example of every unique thing that she loves. She has a great imagination. The problem is that sometimes that imagination can lead to trouble. One of the best things about Webzy is that she always learns lessons from her adventures. They are the great lessons that all kids and adults can benefit from knowing.

DTEC - San Diego Town Hall Meeting: A call to action



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