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Denise Turney @DTWriters 

About Denise Turney

Love Pour Over MePortiaLove Has Many FacesSpiral and Long Walk Up's book author, Denise Turney, has over 36 years of writing experience. She is a full-time writer whose works have appeared in: Essence, Ebony, The Network Journal, Madame Noire, America Online, Bahiyah Woman, Today's Black Woman, Parade, Sisters In Style, Your Church Magazine, Modern Dad Magazine, KaNupepa, The Trenton Times, Family Times, The Preacher's Magazine, Black Living, Princeton, New Jersey's Business and Entertainment Weekly - US 1, The Pittsburgh Quarterly, Pif, Q, The Trenton State College Literary Review, North Carolina University's Literary Journal, Obsidian II and various other magazines and newspapers across the nation. African American author, Denise Turney, has appeared on radio and television stations around the United States. Denise has spoken at major festivals, conferences, colleges and universities, including Black Herstory, Spelman College, Emory University, Take Our Daughters to Work Day, Philadelphia Bible College and the Philadelphia Community College. She is a newspaper and magazine columnist and the editor of the literary periodical The Book Lover's Haven which you can subscribe to by clicking Subscribe BLH.

Denise host the international radio program Off The Shelf Book Talk Radiowhich airs on Blog Talk Radio live from 11AM-12PM on Saturday and 24/7 throughout the rest of the week. She has interviewed New York Times bestselling authors like Zane, Francis Ray, Roland Martin, Patricia Haley-Glass, Omar Tyree and Tracey Price Thompson and Grammy Award nominee, Awiatka. 

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Denise is a mother and a co-founder of Bucks County Pennsylvania's first African American owned and operated drug and alcohol intervention program - No Longer Bound. She is a former volunteer in Big Brothers/Big Sisters. She is an entrepreneur, a businesswoman and a civic and community volunteer. Her former memberships include: The National Women's Executive Association, Black Women Entrepreneurs, The Philadelphia Writer's Organization, The International Black Writer's Organization, and The International Women's Writing Guild.

Denise is listed in Who's Who, 100 Most Admired African American Women, and various writing directories. She is the author of the new and emotionally gripping story - Love Pour Over Me, author of the motivational book Long Walk Up,author of the the historic mystery, Spiral, the author of the multicultural celebrity mystery, Love Has Many Faces and the author of the story of a successful defense attorney dealing with breast cancer - Portia. She is currently working on her seventh novel. 

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Just because Raymond was born to survive, doesn't mean that he will

Why is it so hard for good guys to win
Perfect blend of romance, mystery and the hot - happening 1980s.
Fans of uplifting books may fall in love with Love Pour Over Me

More About Love Pour Over Me
Survival isn't Raymond's goal. It's not his aim. Raymond's a go-getter. He's a winner. But, he's pushed there early as a child growing up in a home with a bullying, alcoholic father.Raymond and his alcoholic father, a man who works hard at an automobile plant,live alone in a house in West Dayton, the toughest part of the city. These two men were pushed together after Raymond's mother walked out.

Breast cancer doesn't have to be a death sentence

Fans of August Wilson, J. California Cooper and BeBe Moore Campbell may absolutely love Portia

Chicago's South Side is rich with history, art, sports and culture. It's home to some of the world's most prominent people. Chicago is also home to people with deep cultural roots and a thirst for powerful change, people like defense attorney, Portia, a woman whose father's Civil Rights involvement comes at a cost.

The trappings of fame engulf Leslie and Robin.

The privileges of wealth are shared by all who know them. Romances are fleeting. Life doesn't seem frail until death looms and a stalker threatens murder. A book about two powerful and uncommon women and the tension, joy and frustration of long friendship. A book about friends who shape each others future until their lives collide into a surprise-climatic ending! In two words - a page turner.

Memphis is a dangerous place in the 1940s.

Set in the heart of Memphis' Shelby County in the 1940s, Spiral is the story about the great lengths a hard working mother will go to protect her family. When young girls start missing in her hometown of Memphis, Tennessee, the mother, Tammy Tilson, begins to look upon the father of her oldest son's fiancée with suspicion. Her efforts to find and stop the killer cost one of her own children his life. It is not until the finger of guilt points in her grandson's direction that she begins to lose her resolve.

Who cares about orphans?

Long Walk Up is the gripping tale of a young girl's journey from poverty and despair en route to her remarkable and triumphant destiny as Africa's first woman president. The poignant story examines the life of a young East African orphan girl pushed into the street alone after her mother dies. The little girl named Mulukan is only six years old when she is left to her own defenses.

This emotional story takes an honest look at unforeseen events, striking coincidences that become the threads in the fabric of a child's life. Mulukan's story strikes a perfect balance between resistance and triumph. This remarkable child's story searches the heart and demands for individual ascension.


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Denise Turney: The African American books author Who Inspires her Community Girls

Chattanooga, March 26, 2019: Over the decades, there have been many black women entrepreneurs who have set the standards for other women from the community to follow. Denise Turney is one such African American books author who has built her name and reputation in both the literary and the business world. She is famous for her works that include Long Walk Up, Love Has Many Faces, Spiral, Portia, Rosetta's Great Adventure, Gregory The Lionhearted, Gada's Glory and Love Pour Over Me. A mere glimpse at her 36-year writing and social career shows the versatility and vastness of her personality.

A Versatile Personality

Besides having authored more than half a dozen works, the motivational books author is also a regular contributor to various magazines, journals, and newspapers. Her writing pieces often appear in periodicals like The Network Journal, America Online, The Preacher’s Magazine, and a dozen other publishing works. She has also been a member of several reputed organizations including the likes of The International Women’s Writing Guild and the Philadelphia Writer’s Organization.

Turney also appears in radio and TV programs and speaks at festivals, universities, and conferences. Her talents go beyond the scope of writing and the Black Women Entrepreneur also hosts Off The Shelf Book Talk Radio, an international radio program. The list of people she has interviewed on the show includes several New York Times bestselling authors and a Grammy Award nominee.

Literary Work

Turney has recently been promoting her literary work through her website, She explains how her website is transforming the way she is able to reach more readers and inspire other writers from the community, “My website has made it possible for me to reach out with my work to my audience and it has been working both ways. I have always strived hard to set an example for Black Women Author and entrepreneurs to work hard and achieve their goals. And today, I am more able than ever to accomplish this through my website.”

Her website lists all her latest books along with independent reviews from readers. Besides, it is also possible for readers to purchase her book from the comfort of their home. Turney’s books are also available with local booksellers.

As already mentioned, the African American books author has been an inspirational personality for the black community. She has been a community volunteer, businesswoman, author, and entrepreneur who has been contributing her part to make this world a better and more beautiful place.

Her eighth novel is currently in the works. It is recommended to subscribe for her newsletters to keep up-to-date with her latest releases.

For more information, it is recommended to contact the author directly.
Contact Information:
Denise Turney
Chistell Publishing
Phone: (215) 869-3469




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