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C Monet @author_cmonet

About The Author

C. Monet

"I want my characters to be relatable, as my own story is of trials, then triumph."

Life after blogging, pushed the dream of becoming an author to the forefront for author C.Monet. Never in a million years did a small town girl from Clarksville TN, expect to become an author of several books that are sprinkled with heroines, villains, charm, love, scandals and drama. With inspiration from books like A Piece of Cake by Cupcake Brown, and B More Careful, C. Monet's writing style grew into one filled with love and transparency. Once life started to happen for and around her she grabbed the pen and decided to unmute her truth. She pens love unfiltered and undefined because rules can't exist with creativity. Her characters give a piece of her that you just can't get from a bio. She creates characters that are relatable and convey a story of trials to triumph.


The poetry in the authors words take you to a place filled with dreams and aspirations of love and how it heals the soul. C. Monet is a lover of wine, cheesy movies, cupcakes and R & B music. While she loves to be home away from the noise of the word she can't help but be considered an introverted extrovert when the Sagittarius in her kicks in and kicks up. She's currently signed to B. Love, where she's released over 10 books and hopes to release plenty of more to provide the ultimate escape into a world between pages and words. Connect with her by subscribing to her website and following her on social media.



Gamble of the Heart


Kashdyn Barnes is considered the black sheep of his family due to mistakes made in the past. He's endured and weathered his own storms. With access to all the material things money can buy, his life is safe and routine until one day, security alerts him of a banned visitor by the name of Lucki Rae. From the second he spots her, Kashdyn takes an instant liking to her dark eyes and mysterious soul. Her complexity leaves him willing to say screw the rules if it means he can see her unraveled and exposed for only him.

Lucki can't help but let her pretty little fears of loving again and losing stand in the way of giving anyone a chance. She vowed to never let another man have her heart the way her child’s father did once he left. Any man coming near her will have to put in the work – if he can get close to her.

The ways she learned to stay under the radar are no match for the smooth-talking, humble yet intriguing Kashdyn Barnes. Both Kashdyn and Lucki have their own opinions on love and what it looks like for them. They understand, however, that it’s ultimately a gamble of the heart. Will they give in to the gamble of love and risk it all, or will their love be a bust?

Let Love Come Through (Love Under New Management Book 2)

"Can I admit I’ve always found love useless?"

The force of one door closing can cause others to shut and never be opened again. That's Toni Angelo's story and she’s staying true to it. At the tender age of sixteen, Toni forms the conclusion that love is useless, irresponsible, and meaningless. That door has closed, and if it's not about money, she's deemed it unimportant, a joke. 

Eskovan Bayer is the exact opposite. He's running head first towards love with open arms. Growing up with an abusive father and absent mother, love wasn't in the air, and for that reason he craves it and will do anything to have his own piece of what love has to offer. Even if that means he has to chase it. 

Esko and Toni may have a lot of things in common but their view of love isn't one of them. Toni will run and Esko will chase, but will love finally come through? Find out in book 2 of the love under new management series! 

The Will To Forgive

Forgiveness is said to be for the wounded, the played, and the jaded but sometimes it requires more than a simple thought. It requires will, action and work. 

Sage Lowe is smacked with reality when her dream job puts her on administrative leave for a mishap that happens on her surgery table. Down in the dumps, she picks herself up and decides to capture what she’s been missing while she gave her life and heart to Mount Clear Hospital. Venting to a friend, the perfect man with the perfect body approaches with promises of putting a smile on her face. Leery, she can't help but feel like she owes it to herself to do something for herself.

Kyree has a soft spot for women and doesn't realize that this is the cause of his many brewing troubles. When he spots Sage he can't help but want to lock her up and make all of her troubles disappear. It would do him justice to spend time being in the presence of a beautiful woman while he is also in a rough spot due to a family emergency but falling for her was never in the plans.

Spending time together has consumed them both. It’s consumed them so much that the truth has been buried, and when exposed the will to forgive becomes harder than expected. Will the will to forgive be mastered or will this love connection be severed from lies and dishonesty?

Say He's Ready (The BLP Say He Series Book 5)

The title of Say He's Ready tells it all. Meet Houston, a widow and single father who is focused on raising his son, Malone. The loss of a spouse is hard, but the loss of a mother is even harder. Houston’s time is split between running his business and attempting to keep Malone out of trouble. At his wits end, the school calls in the help of State Pediatrician Teaghan LeJune. 

Teaghan is fierce and fearless as she moves through life. Her career is her pride and joy. Dating hasn’t been fun, and it’s the only thing in her life she can't win with. She's tired of being set up and played when she would give the shirt off her back to those in need. After running into men that aren’t ready but look good on paper, she decides to give it up. 

As fate would have it, the paths of Houston and Teaghan cross in the most unconventional way. Quickly, her mind is changed on dating if Houston would open up and allow her to wrap him in her love swarm. His words of not being ready don’t match his feelings of being smitten by Teaghan. Within a few short days, Teaghan has managed to crack open the shell of a man Houston once was. 

Once they find themselves ready, a challenge neither expected comes to halt them dead in their tracks. Promises of not letting each other down no longer matter when decisions must be made. Find out if he is truly read to embark on a love that may require more of him than he has to offer.

The Love We Had: A Novella

Naomi has had the same dream over and over for years. That was to marry her high school sweetheart, Graysen. When that happens, she imagines life will be easy breezy much like everything else she has accomplished. However, with anything, life will do its best to tear it apart. 

On the brink of divorce, Naomi must take a step back and figure out what happened and what went wrong. She was the perfect wife to Graysen. She cooked, she cleaned, and she loved him before she knew he would be the be all and end all. 

But something happened. 

Graysen is a man with nothing but genuine love for Naomi, but he can't seem to get that back. Being a wife to him is more than doing the chores. He wants her compassion, he wants her attention and a little affection. Never in a million years did he think he would be filing for divorce after begging her to give him all that he desires. 

Naomi and Graysen have a decision to make - leave it alone or remember the love they had. Racking her brain, she is forced to recount her steps in order to get the love of her life back. Will the love they had be enough to stick it out? 

Own It - The Sequel

Seveyn and Raakesh are back in the second installment of Own It with a jovial Seveyn ready to begin her life free of planners and control with true love in her heart. Life is supposed to be a breeze with a man like Raakesh in her life but that cool breeze turns into gusty winds once she realizes Chad is back to his old tricks. 

Chad is doing his best to tear everything Seveyn is working toward down for his own selfish gain. Still a bum, he works overtime attempting to turn everyone against her. Chad is clever and uses the people closest to Seveyn to try and get her attention. 

Raakesh is fed up with Chad and ready to make an example out of him. He is still doing his best to reassure Seveyn that he has her best interests at heart, but with everything happening loyalty is questioned. Will Seveyn and Raakesh make it after Chad tries to bring them down?

Own It

Seveyn Noel Crisco has just had her world rocked by devastating news that could break even the strongest person down. Instead of wallowing in her sorrows and basking in humiliation she changes the plans and decides to take off on a flight with her girls to Trinidad. 

What's supposed to be a girl's trip turns into so much more when she comes face to face with the owner of Island Raak. Not only is he paid, but he is soul snatching and panty dropping fine. 

Raakesh Basset is a bad boy with words smooth like butter. The kicker is, his words match his actions, and Seveyn is left wondering if he can and will own her body if she gives him a chance. The two-day trip was supposed to be for fun, but there's no fun in questioning if you should throw your already planned life out the window and own the moment or continue to allow your plans to play puppet master.

While they both are completely aware that they want each other, the feeling of running is ever so present. Will Seveyn succumb to Raakesh's wishes, or will she run back home because it's not a part of the already laid out plan?

Love Don't Come Easy

Although heartbreak is a thing of the past for Kali Kyng, she is still dealing with the remnants of loving the wrong guy that told a couple of lies. Working and minding the business that pays her, Kali is closed off and not interested in having her heart toyed with again. It won't matter how fine a man is, it won't matter how well he can speak, it won’t matter his occupation because she isn't interested. 

Her ex-boyfriend, Deon, shows up fresh out of jail to make amends when a stranger steps in and saves her. Pardison is all for playing the game until he decides it's not a game for him. Loving Kali harder than she's ever been loved before is his new task and goal until she gives in. 

Love won't come easy for them both with Deon playing games and willing to tear anything that makes Kali happy apart. Loving a boy and a man are different, and Pardison is up for the challenge. Kali is fearful but gives in after a little persistence. 

A connection is made, but just when everything seems perfect, he idea of the man she has given her heart to is altered. Will love come easy for Pardison and Kali? Or will the hardships of love and pain tear them apart?

Will I Ever Be Enough? The Golden Effect

Lawrence Gervais is on a quest to find a wife in order to take over his late fathers’ business. Not only is it a requirement, but he has six months to make it happen. The journey reveals things about himself that he never took the time to acknowledge. Ever the traveler, Lawrence hasn’t taken the time to make real connections with people until he enlists the help of Brielle Golden. 

Brielle Golden is a matchmaking extraordinaire that struggles with her own love life. She has all the tools to assist those willing to pay to find something she wants more than anything but thinks she will never have. Love is dodging her, and she doesn’t understand why. In her eyes, she’s the perfect catch, however, the fear of rejection is a powerful emotion to tackle by yourself.

As the work begins to help Lawrence find a mate, souls collide, and things start to change within the mutual business partnership. In the midst of sorting feelings out, Brielle's smile changes and Lawrence's heart begins to beat again. But trouble arises forcing them to do something crazy to get them both out of the mess that his fathers’ wishes created. 

Will Lawrence find a wife and make his father proud by succumbing to The Golden Effect, or will both he and Brielle find themselves surrounded by the darkness of life without love when their partnership comes to an end?

You Could Do Damage

"We mature with the damage, not with the years." -Unknown

Dahlia Sparks has suffered enough within her twenty-two years on earth. Big sister and guardian of her family, she is thrown to the world without a harness, no guidance, and no help. Dahlia is not afraid to get her hands dirty or do the unthinkable to make sure her and her sister aren't separated. 

Love is foreign and get it by any means reigns supreme for her. Raising her sister was her only concern, but as her sister Deja prepares to set sail on her own journey, Dahlia is forced to focus on picking up the pieces and finding her own way. 

What was supposed to be a favor for his little brother turns into so much more as Ty'Key spends time peeling back the layers of Dahlia Starks. Ty' Key Patterson is handsome, strong, and willing to suffer the catastrophe of any damage Dahlia brings his way as long as she is. 

Both alike in so many ways, they run into different situations that could not only damage them personally but damage a long-standing friendship. Will they be able to clean up the damage or crumble like ashes scattered amongst the rubbish?

This Could Be Something Special (Standalone)

In “This Could Be Something Special” meet Kampbell, student by day and exotic dancer at night. She has faith that her dreams will come true as long as she stays focused. Kampbell is unrivalled, her unique personality is what sets her apart from every other woman. When she meets Kenari Evans, she’s impressed by his efforts to get her attention but once she starts to like him back, he is reminded of one very important thing.

He's married.

Amina is the black beauty that stole his heart almost fifteen years ago. However, “I Do” wasn't enough to hold her down. She’s desperate to find herself and become a model at the same time. Amina would rather have fame than love and doesn't care if she hurts her husband in the process. After running off to chase her dreams, she soon realizes that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side..but will it be too late? 

Will Kam and Kenari have something special? Will Amina come back after she realizes her mistake? Find out in the standalone "This Could Be Something Special"...."

Messy Heauxs: A Shady Anthology

Messy is a person who does not know how to mind his or her own business! A person who feeds off drama! A tea sipper or pot stirrer. But what if that messy heaux was you? In this anthology get to know the women that put the shade in shady.

These shady stories include: 
A woman who is struggling to come to terms with the death of her best friend but her own messy actions might have caused it. Only in Backstabbers will you know the truth.
Doing what she had to do to survive was the goal even if it meant taking what or better yet who, wasn't her’s but never in her wildest dreams did she imagine that karma would look like this. Find out more in

Pay What You Owe.

In The Clean Up Woman, lies and deceit reveal the shocking truth between friends, leaving behind bitter feelings and broken hearts proving people aren’t always what they seem.
Have you ever been a victim of your success forcing others to be messy in a desperate attempt of stealing your shine? All is revealed in Local Heauxs.
What would you do if you were used by an author, you once supported and then harassed by that same person behind a keyboard? Find out in Keyboard Bullies!
Finally, not everyone is who they appear to be. Find out in My Messy Bestie.

Did you think I'd Crumble?

Re- Release

Have you ever had an ex that you wanted to go back and ask him did he really think he would hurt you…cause you to fall to your knees? Did he REALLY think you would crumble due to his wrong doings? From new author, C. Monet, comes a chaotic masterpiece that revolves around the lives of married couple Cheyanne and Lavelle Baltimore. Their lives are far from the fairytale marriage that everyone prays to experience. Where love is supposed to be the nucleus to every marriage, their nucleus was chaos. The highs and lows of thirty-year-old Cheyanne Baltimore are penned in this debut novel. See, Cheyenne was like every woman that wants the ‘American Dream’. And after marrying her high school sweetheart Lavelle Baltimore, she thought she had just that. But her dream quickly turned into a nightmare and chaos.


With the constant infidelity, endless lies and frequent drug use by Lavelle, Cheyanne loses herself in her marriage and becomes a shell of her former self. Their marriage is turned upside down when the one secret that Lavelle desperately tried to keep, comes to light, it is at that point that Cheyanne reaches her breaking point and finds herself wanting to run right out of the small town that she calls Home Sweet Home.


But when you’re married to the most prominent family in town, Cheyenne soon finds out that leaving won’t be as easy as she thought; especially with a mother-in-law like Eva Baltimore, who will do everything in her power to make sure that her family is reflected in a positive light, even if it means getting her hands dirty. Everything that was once familiar to Cheyanne is now foreign. Lavelle’s secret that crippled their marriage seems to open up a chain of events in Cheyanne’s life and she finds herself questioning everyone and everything. She has done all that she could to make her marriage work, but it seemed the more she forgave him, the more she endured. With Cheyanne losing hope, it feels like everything around her is crumbling, but will she will endure through it all or will she crumble too? Find out in the first installment of Did You Think I’d Crumble by C. Monet.

Did you think I'd Crumble: Finale

In the explosive finale of Did You Think I’d Crumble, Cheyenne is finding herself and she’s slowly but surely getting back to the woman she used to be. But evil was lurking in the shadows and life took an ugly turn.

Cheyenne wakes up in a hospital bed after being left for dead during a hit and run accident and the news she received was enough to send her to Heaven. Lavelle committed suicide and Cheyenne’s mind is boggled with one question, “Why?”
Hurt, shocked and utterly confused were only a few choice words to describe how she truly felt.
Back at square one…Cheyenne has to accept his death and put the pieces of her puzzle back together.
With a troubled mother in law and nightmares of his death haunting her every night she could crumble but she doesn’t…

Cheyenne refuses to take any more losses. In the finale of this two-part series, Cheyenne finally gives love a fair chance. She’s done accepting life for what it is and claims peace and prosperity with every that she takes in the right direction. Will her mother in law snatch her sanity? Will Cheyenne move on? Find out in Did You Think I’d Crumble II coming this monthIn the explosive finale of Did You Think I’d Crumble, Cheyenne is finding herself and she’s slowly but surely getting back to the woman she used to be. But evil was lurking in the shadows and life took an ugly turn.

Cheyenne wakes up in a hospital bed after being left for dead during a hit and run accident and the news she received was enough to send her to Heaven. Lavelle committed suicide and Cheyenne’s mind is boggled with one question, “Why?”
Hurt, shocked and utterly confused were only a few choice words to describe how she truly felt.
Back at square one…Cheyenne has to accept his death and put the pieces of her puzzle back together.
With a troubled mother in law and nightmares of his death haunting her every night she could crumble but she doesn’t…

Cheyenne refuses to take any more losses. In the finale of this two-part series, Cheyenne finally gives love a fair chance. She’s done accepting life for what it is and claims peace and prosperity with every that she takes in the right direction. Will her mother in law snatch her sanity? Will Cheyenne move on?

All Or Nothing

"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all." ― Helen Keller

She's a church girl. He's a bad boy.

Kavi Anne Conley's twenty-fifth birthday starts off like a train wreck and seemingly gets worse as she bumps into Tueveray Toussaint. 

Tueveray Toussaint hails from London in hopes of calming down and taking a shot at adulting for once. The moment he lays eyes on the plain jane that walks into his coffee shop, he knows it's him that must reveal the many hidden layers that has him enchanted. 

Accepting a challenge by her friends to kiss the first guy she sees, Tueveray leaves no room for Kavi to say no. One kiss seals the deal of him tagging along for the scavenger hunt set forth by her wild and free friends.

Every challenge goes against her morals and values, but she swears to give it her all or have nothing. 

Will one kiss seal the deal? Or will that one kiss cause all of her dreams to come to a screeching halt?

Serene Chaos

She was a quiet storm, she was in a league all of her own and completely oblivious of her beauty and her worth.

She was chaos.

Serene Daniels was her name.

After losing the love of her life she climbed into a dark hole and vowed to stay there until death greeted her. She had a vice and it filled her emptiness on most nights.

Serene wanted to move forward, she desired happiness but didn’t know where to find it.

One night, while out with friends she meets Corik, who sweeps her off her feet without having to try too hard.

It took her awhile to realize that he wasn’t the one and when she did, he showed his true colors.

In the midst of drama, here comes another man singing the same tune as Corik and she refuses to give him the time of day even after he rocked her world for one night only. 

Rex, however, is a different type of man. He’s rare, rough and incredibly sexy and he refuses to give up on Serene. Something tells him that she’s the one. 

In Serene Chaos, friendships are tested, hearts are broken, lives are changed and as tragedy strikes will Serene walk out of the fire blazing? 

Serene Chaos II

In the jaw-dropping finale of Serene Chaos, chaos continues to brew in Serene’s life as she prepares for a unexpected new beginning while attempting to close a few past chapters. 
She finally welcomes the love that Rex has for her and lets her guard down to receive it. 

The life that she’s always wanted but never felt like she deserved is upon her. However things are turned upside down in her life all in a blink of an eye.
At what was supposed to be a celebration, Serene is placed in a situation that she alone, can’t get herself out of.

Serene Chaos is a page turner that will leave you wondering what, why, and when as you reach the end. 
Is Serene really safe? Will she ever find out who her father is or will her mother keep the secret for a little while longer? Is Rex the one for her? In the finale of Serene Chaos you will find out! 

Thorn To My Rose

This is an urban love story with an otherworldly twist. 

Meet Trulicity Rose, a young, beautiful, and opinionated private investigator from Raven's Pointe who finds herself tasked with what she feels is an impossible assignment. Taking down Damien Thorn, the next senator and also her first love. Fear of doing the one thing she doesn’t want to do which is fall back in love with Damien Thorn she questions whether her gifts are strong enough to protect the heart Damien broke.

Accepting this job and bringing Damien to his knees would be the ultimate payback for the pain he caused. 
However, Tru isn’t sure being in his spellbinding and consuming presence won’t bring old feelings.

Will Rose accept the job and bring down her one true love? Or will love win as it always does? Find out in Thorn to my Rose.

Secrets At The Villa

I desired a man that would do more than 'skim' the pages of me but get down and study me. - Shannon Parker

Shannon...The Maid

TaeDyn...The Billionaire 

Villa full of Secrets

It wasnt supposed to be this easy or effortless but somehow TaeDyn Benedict, came along and changed Shannons mind about who he was. Once a pompous, important boss turned into a smooth, heart stealing criminal. 

Her heart to be exact. 

How did she go from sharing secrets about his many cocubines to becoming one? Maybe it was the excitement of being with one of the most eligible bacehlors known to man or maybe it was the fact that secretly this was what she dreamed of all along? But no love story is without a dose of tragedy. Will the secrets bring the villa to rubbish or will love conquer all? 

Find out in Secrets at the Villa......

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