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Black Women Authors was created in 2018 by a few black technicians, to provide services to enhance their existing online listings and increase the exposure for their books. We have added artificial intelligence (AI) to make our services more efficient.

Our mission is simple, to promote black women entrepreneurs through this website and other affiliate websites listed below. We achieve this mission using a combination of tools and services including but not limited to the following. Social media posts, flyer posts, press releases, search engine marketing, content and graphics creation, and more.

We provide three services.

  1. Site listing services through custom developed Sponsored Pages.

  2. Social media posting assistance.

  3. Landing page creations to establish brands for authors and entrepreneurs without a website.

Our popular optional services to enhance an existing brand, these include but not limited to:

  1. Custom Flyers.

  2. Video Voiceover intros.

  3. Press releases and articles.

Voiceover Video

Just A Short Sample Intro


Quick Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most affordable way to get started?

  • Get started with a sponsored page. It contains a combination of content and graphics creations, and social media posting.

What happens after I sign up?

  • Once you're signed up, we will send you additional information and instructions to your provided email address. Our services will begin the same day!

What payment methods do you take?

  • To keep things simple, we process all payments through papal. You can use any major credit card, debit card or a Pay Pal account.

I have a couple additional questions, do you offer free consultations?

Our services are extremely affordable, LET'S GET STARTED TODAY!



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