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Black Women Authors: A Platform for Authors to Build their Brand Name

The world is a tough place if you want to promote your work and get ahead of the competition. If you are one of the thousands of Black Women Authors, you will know this better than authors from many other communities. Some of the greatest pieces of literature have come up from the hands of black female authors. makes things much simpler and fairer for you by providing an all-in-one platform for promoting your work and profile as an author.

When you showcase all your work and profile here, you are also getting the opportunity to get seen online. You get heard, not just by your own community but by the entire world. There is growing awareness about the literary talent and inner beauty of Black Women Authors across the world.

Benefits Of This Website

  1. Enhance your current amazon, barnes and noble and other listings.
  2. Enhance your current website/blog listing.
  3. Your listing included with our website marketing activities.
  4. Social Exchange listing for your website.
  5. Weekly Social media posting of your book(s).
  6. Optional featured Individual page with copies of your current books with links directly to purchasing.

What's On This Website

  1. Screen shots of your books with links to where they can be purchased.
  2. Videos of authors promoting their books.

Get Featured

The platform is backed by a team of web experts with vast SEO and social media marketing experience. This makes BlackWomenAuthors a high-authority website with high search engine rankings. Getting featured on this platform means that you can become one of the Best Selling Black Authors. When you become a featured author on the site, they list all your latest books along with valuable insights.

The result of getting featured as Black Women Authors on this site is that you benefit from its high SEO value. And your profile also gets a boost in search engine rankings. This is valuable as a modern author in a time when true publicity in the online space, not just in the traditional media. Getting featured also means links to platforms where fans can purchase your books.

Social Exchange

There is more to getting featured on BlackWomenAuthors. You can also have your website featured in the Social Exchange section. Greater visibility is every Black Women Authors friend. It provides an elegant, attractive, and high-authority platform for featuring your website or blog. This is an excellent visual platform for showcasing your profile and work.

Video Presentations

The video presentations section on the site allows you to take the visual experience to the next level. You can use your presentations towards achieving a wide range of goals:

  • Introduce yourself
  • Give insights into your history as an author
  • Introduce your latest books and work
  • Share your viewpoints

And much more.

Books Listing

BlackWomenAuthors not only lists your books on its website, they also help enhance your existing listings on Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, and other platforms. Besides, there is periodic social media posting on the site’s popular social media handles.

If you have ever felt that becoming successful as Black Women Authors is difficult, this is the ideal platform for you. All you ever needed was the right platform. The site was created by like-minded people from the community. In a world that makes things tough for newcomers to build their brand name, this is a great stepping stone to get ahead. If you have the talent and  great spirit, this is the right place for you to promote your work and your profile.


Our Mission

Our mission is simple, to promote black women authors through this website and black women entrepreneurs through We achieve this mission using a combination of tools and services including but not limited to: social media posts, flyer posts, press releases, search engine marketing, and more.

Let's face it, marketing a website is an investment, depending on the keywords chosen and demographics, it could get a little expensive. This is where we help and assist you. Think of these websites as a digital mall where a lot of vendors share in the exposure of the main vendor. Of course we can offer individual marketing services to those who want to gain more exposure and site traffic.





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