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Welcome To Our Website

A Platform for Black Women Authors to Promote Their Book(s) allows authors from all backgrounds promote their books regardless of their current financial situation. Of course there are many other outlets for the purchase of books including your own website or blog. However, there are very few outlets that focus exclusively on a particular niche, and that niche is YOU, the black women author.

Since the launch of this website, first through positive black sisters and now on it's own, we've added over 625 books from a variety of authors. Some famous, some up and coming and some just getting started. We have no listing priority, however we do have featured authors on their on individual pages. For more information about, it is recommended you contact us.

Benefits Of This Website

  1. Enhance your current amazon, barnes and noble and other listings.
  2. Enhance your current website/blog listing.
  3. Your listing included with our website marketing activities.
  4. Social Exchange listing for your website.
  5. Daily, Weekly Social media posting of your website.
  6. Social media posting of your flyer of events.
  7. Optional featured Individual page with copies of your current books with links directly to purchasing.

What's On This Website

  1. Screen shots of your books with links to where they can be purchased.
  2. Videos of authors promoting their books.

How We Started?

This website has been in existence since June 2018 and is a spin off of Our website has our own aggressive SEO and directory-marketing campaigns using a combination of search engine marketing, press releases, social media posting, online advertising and email marketing.
This makes it even more important for black women authors to maintain their listings to drive traffic and sales. We accept books from all niches. Whether you are specialized black women authors romance, comedy, sci-fi, or in any other genre.

We do not cover pornographic or gambling categories.

Take Advantage Of Our Marketing Efforts

When you search any of the major search engines for books by women authors of color, the two main online retailers come up, Amazon, Barnes & Noble. No one can compete head to head with these giants and we won't try.
However, what we will do is, focus on a special niche of authors; black women authors, black women authors best sellers, black women authors fiction, books by black women authors, black women writers, famous black women authors. black authors women, black women authors top sellers.

We accomplish this mission using the following marketing and listing services through our webmaster:

  • We research keywords that the major search engines, directories and other places where books are sold to add this website to attract visitors seeking books for sale by Black Women Authors. Some of the popular search engines and directories are listed on this page.
  • We create SEO optimized press releases and articles to be distributed to the major directories. Samples of our recent press release is listed here.

We Support Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iBooks, etc. we actually find books from these stores that fit our niche.

Those websites are excellent places to get exposure for your book. I use those major stores to supply us with direct links to your books, which is why we say we ENHANCE your listing.

How We Prepare/List Your Book

  1. We visit the store or website where it’s available, take a screen shot
  2. Resize it in Photoshop
  3. Optimize the image to make it as small as possible
  4. Add it to our websites along with a link to the store
  5. Gather any social media handle for promotions.

Quick Answers

Is listing affordable?

  • If you like our service, you can get listed from just $12.00 a month, which is just $0.40 a day. There are no contracts, cancel anytime.
  • No contracts, cancel anytime. All site listing information is posted on our affiliate website,

How do you promote this website?

  • We use the services of our web master who has over 23 years of internet experience and clients currently on the 1st page of the major search engines, including this website.

How many times will my books be posted?

  • We post info about your book at least 3 times a week. In addition, your site listing pricing includes a listing on our website and special pages.

How many books can I list?

  • We list your most current book first. With an optional featured page, we list up to 5 of your top books.

Can I list my book in multiple categories?

  • Yes, we encourage it.

How much site traffic can I expect to receive?

  • Our site listing service is not a marketing campaign, thus we do not track individual site traffic and other analytics. Our listing service enhances your social media and website presence and will increase your visibility with increased likes, usually after our 1st post.

    However our webmaster does offer individual marketing services and marketing assistance for your website.

How do I get started?

  • If you are interested in our site listing services but want to test how we post your book or website, just request a complimentary post. We'll visit your website/blog/book or social media account, gather some basic info, then schedule a post for you. If you like our service, you can get listed from just $12.00 a month, which is just $0.40 a day. There are no contracts, cancel anytime.

I have a couple additional questions, how can I contact you?


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